What you should know before treating your pet with CBD?

Use of CBD to treat a variety of animal maladies has been on the rise. It has been used to treat anxiety and certain skin conditions, and some studies claim it can even be used to decrease arthritis pain and control seizures. It’s available in a variety of forms such as oils, capsules, topical lotions, and dog treats.

A report by the Brightfield Group indicates that the pet CBD category grew 946% in 2019 alone. Not only is this an area of the market which has experienced substantial growth, it is a market which continues to show signs of further development. According to a new report by Grand View Research, the global CBD pet market size is expected to reach USD 399.2 million by 2027, expanding at a CAGR of 40.3%.

Treating Your Pet with CBD

Despite the growing market, vets are still reluctant to prescribe CBD to pets due to the limited amount of peer-reviewed research available. Even among the few studies which have been completed, the sample sizes were small, meaning that no certain conclusions could be drawn.

It is important to remember to never give an animal any form of medication unless prescribed by a professional, in this case a vet. Animals may have a different reaction to a substance which is safe for humans, such as in the case of chocolate for dogs or onions for cats. Make sure to only give your pet CBD products which are made especially for the treatment of animals.

When a vet does prescribe CBD for treating an animal, as with humans it is recommended to start the dosage low and slow and see how the animal reacts. Based on the reaction, dosage may then be appropriately adjusted.

The Risks of an Unregulated Market

One of the most important factors to be aware of when using a CBD product to treat your pet is the risks inherent in using products in a young and unregulated market. As with human products, not all the products marketed as pet CBD actually contain CBD. As there are no federal government-mandated market regulations set in place for pet CBD at the moment, and the market has become flooded with products which contain barely any traces of CBD.

These risks simply indicate the importance of being able to test CBD products and determine their contents before we give them to our pets. A market sorely lacking any form of regulation means that having access to a reliable and quick method of testing your product has become even more vital.2021-01-05 12:51:12Itayganot

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