The GC-PRO Design Story

Simple & Sleek

The GC-PRO was designed to deliver an easy solution for cannabis and hemp potency analysis.

We wanted the GC-PRO to be suitable for everyday use, requiring no specific training for operation.

We succeeded in pairing sophisticated technology with a sleek and straightforward design.

We designed the GC-PRO to be friendly and easy to use, making the most complex realms of scientific innovation accessible to everyone.

Our design and product development team works to ensure all our devices pair a well-defined and aesthetically pleasing product with high-level performance, delivering an optimal user experience every time.

Lead designer Eran Lederman was inspired by the look of GemmaCert’s laboratory when envisioning the design of the device.

“My design was influenced by the Erlenmeyer flask, an archetypical image recognized as belonging in a laboratory-like the one where GemmaCert’s technology evolved. The idea of filling this flask not with chemicals or organic material, but with advanced technology and sensitive devices was captivating.”

Design process

Design Process Objectives

  • Suitable for users across the supply chain, such as breeders, growers, and dispensers.
  • Easy-to-use without the need for a specific skill-set or significant training.
  • Flexible to test different types of samples, such as dry flower buds, ground material (trim or biomass), and crude extract. materials, including freshly harvested, dried,
  • Robust to operate in different types of environments and settings.

GemmaCert’s testing components function within a single removable piece where samples can be placed. This chamber’s bright green hue is designed to evoke the natural world.

The upper part of the device is laminated with natural wood, a design choice intended to amplify the sensation of being connected to nature, wellness, and quality of life.

We want our products’ design to reflect our high-performance values, robustness, reliability, and ease of use. The combination of science-inspired design with natural hues is an extension of our commitment to analyzing raw materials with scientific rigor and care.

Gemmacert with Flower and Mobile