The GemmaCert Way

From the very start, we aimed to deliver a smart solution for analyzing potency, which was simple and sleek, for everyday use requiring no specific skillset for operation, and whose form gave little indication to the sophistication of the technology working underneath.

GemmaCert was to be a bridge between technology and nature, making accessible the most esoteric realms of science to industry and the public. Using GemmaCert had to friendly and easy to use.

GemmaCert’s designer and product development team worked in close collaboration to ensure the best possible user experience along with a well-defined product with aesthetic presence without sacrificing on performance.

For our designer, Eran Lederman, inspiration for the form came from GemmaCert’s laboratory, crowded with test tubes, beakers, droppers, pipettes, funnels, and flasks. In his words:

“I eventually settled on a design influenced by the Erlenmeyer flask. I was attracted to this because it is an archetypical, well-known image recognized as belonging in a laboratory, just like one from which GemmaCert’s technology evolved. The idea of filling this flask, not with chemicals or organic material, but with high technology and sensitive device was captivating.”

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The three design process challenges:

  • Value chain suitability, from seed to sale, and even for home growers.
  • Allow the coexistence of diverse organic material – freshly harvested, dried, powdered or an extract – with sophisticated, sensitive electro-mechanical and optical technology used for spectrometry and image analysis.

  • Enable a wide community of users to adopt an advanced technology with the help of a simple, reliable, easy-to-use device.

GemmaCert is operated by one, sole piece that would not be flush with the integral device and would be fashioned to imply a plant painted in a fresh, live green. Added to this, was the upper part of the flask / device, laminated with natural wood to amplify the feeling that the design was meant to evoke, a feeling connected with the culture of nature, wellness, leisure and quality of life.

GemmaCert, through its design, wants its products to be known for high performance, robustness, ease-of-use, and reliability.

GemmaCert in FORM design magazine