Slide The winners will be those who invest in in-house testing to ensure that products are compliant, consistent, safe, effective, and predictable. In-house testing should be a major component of your Standard Operating Procedures.

In-house testing builds customer confidence, brand loyalty, regulatory compliance, and tackles costly problems before they arise.

Slide Breeders & Growers Test samples before formal and binding testing. Reduce non-regulatory reliance on laboratories. Real-time results rather than wait days or weeks. No sample destruction, $0.00 cost per sample. Test goods in storage to monitor potency loss. Improve profit predictability. Leave plants in the ground to maximize THC potency. Leave hemp plants in the ground while staying legal. Take the guesswork out of identifying optimal harvest time. Generate professional Certificates of Analysis. Producers Test biomass to validate supplier spec and price. Make sure you get what you paid for. Reduce non-regulatory reliance on laboratories. Quick results to support real-time decision-making. Monitor extraction to optimize yield. Avoid CBD throw away during extraction. Generate professional Certificates of Analysis. Healthcare Focus on treating your patients. Concentrate on servicing your customers. Quick verification of cannabis identity and potency. Ensure correct dosing for safety and efficacy. Build confidence in medical cannabis. Retailers Make sure supply matches supplier specification. Make certain you pay suppliers the right price. Double-check product labels are correct. Show customers you invest in quality for their safety. Stand out amongst the competition. Government Quick, reliable analysis: hemp or cannabis? Prevent false arrests Avoid non-prosecutable cases. Reduce pressure on forensic labs.