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Cannabis potency and composition analyser.

Test whole flowers, ground material and ethanol based extract. Test for THC,CBD,CBG, and aW (water activity). 24 scans per sample overcomes heterogeneity of the plant allowing for the most accurate results with no sample destruction.

Enjoy strong customer support and a complimentary training session when purchased from GemmaCert or one of our verified resellers.


GemmaCert provides fast, easy and reliable measurements of individual flowers, ensuring maximum knowledge.
Linda Bech Phil
QA Specialist at Medican
The GemmaCert is a great tool for pheno hunting , ROI on this unit is about 3 days. Great customer support as well.
Stewart Maxwell
Crop Consultant at Xylem Horticulture
We have racked up well over a thousand tests with our GemmaCrt in just a few months. Should be in every LP.
Daniel Gagne
IPM Supervisor at Verdelite
Our team uses GemmaCert devices in all of our facilities for various purposes. For example, quick pheno-hunting, testing, tracking how grow conditions can affect cannabinoid development, and for determining optimal harvest times. We have compared results with our in house HPLC and the GemmaCert is very accurate
Michael Waisman
Head agronomisst at Tikun Olam
It is very important to have tools that help industry get quick and accurate analysis. The GemmaCert is unique in the cannabinoid field as you doesnt need any technical knowledge to operate it or any type of sample preparation.
Ana Matias
Lead scientist at Clever Leaves
I wanted a reliable tool to test the correct levels of THC and CBD in our cannabis flowers. I love the app, its easy to use and customer support are very helpful.
Youri Florijn
Manager at Prix d’Ami

The GC-PRO is simple, easy-to-use, fast, and accurate.

No special skill-set is needed to test cannabis with the GC-PRO.

After an easy and quick onboarding, you can use your GC-PRO to test your cannabis and get accurate results on the spot, including for THC and CBD potency levels.

The GC-PRO is used worldwide to test cannabis and hemp.

Satisfied and loyal customers across the supply chain in 50 countries include:





Coffee shops


QC Labs

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GemmaCert uses
FDA-endorsed technology for easy & accurate cannabis testing.

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