CBG Survey Shows the Compound’s Beneficial Effects

As the cannabis industry begins to shift its focus to the compounds in cannabis other than the ever-popular THC and CBD, scientists have begun to investigate the potential benefits they have to offer. Cannabigerol, or CBG, is one of these lesser-known compounds of cannabis and has recently risen to public prominence. While we’ve discussed its components and some of its benefits before, a recent study reveals findings that have taken the industry by a storm.

Medical Cannabis and CBG

Long-time cannabis users and scientists alike will swear by the medical benefits of the plant. But the effects each compound has individually are still largely inconclusive. Nevertheless, CBG, in particular, has a reputation for producing powerful therapeutic results with few side effects, and the recent study published in the Journal Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research confirms these conjectures.

What Is CBG and What Does It Do?

CBG is a compound that acts as a precursor to the better-known psychoactive compounds THC and CBD. It naturally occurs in the cannabis plant, but it is generally only found in minute concentrations. As its benefits continue to gain recognition, cultivators are working on developing strains of the crop that contain higher concentrations of CBG. Although cannabis users have long recognized beneficial effects of CBG noticed after consuming cannabis, scientists were less eager to attribute specific benefits to specific compounds- until now.

The Study That Changed CBG’s Image

The study was led by researchers affiliated with Washington State University and the University of California in Los Angeles. The research team surveyed a group of subjects who claimed to be consumers of cannabis products containing high concentrations of CBG. Most of the survey participants claimed only to use these products for medical purposes.

Respondents’ most common reasons for turning to medical cannabis as a solution were for help managing or reducing anxiety symptoms, chronic pain, depression, and insomnia. A majority of respondents reported the cannabis treatment led to their symptoms becoming either “much improved” or “very much improved” after being treated with high-CBG cannabis products. Three-quarters of respondents went as far as to rate CBG treatment as “superior” to their experiences with conventional medicine.

Conclusion and Effects of the Study

As the first survey ever conducted to document the self-reported effectiveness in CBG focused cannabis treatment, the study can potentially transform the industry’s view of “minor” cannabis compounds. Despite being found in minuscule quantities, CBG has significant effects, as demonstrated by the study.

In addition to its own unique benefits, CBG lacks many of the drawbacks that cause patients to be wary of using other compounds such as THC or CBD for treatment. For example, CBG does not have the psychoactive effects of other compounds such as THC and CBD. Additionally, patients reported few to no negligible effects upon concluding treatment and stopping their consumption of the product. The study is the first step into further scientific investigation that could lead to new discoveries of CBG and other rare compounds’ therapeutic effects and medicinal potential.

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