The Science of Selling Cannabis

Understanding the Impact of THC and Chemistry on Product Appeal

The cannabis industry is undergoing huge changes, from legalization to the introduction of new products and delivery methods. One of the most important things you can do as a business owner is to understand your product, your customer, and how they want to be marketed to. The cannabis industry has been around for a long time, but there are still many misconceptions about it. For example, many people think that all marijuana users smoke weed at home or in their backyard without any friends or family members around; however, this isn’t always true!

In this article, we’ll explore just how much science goes into selling product appeal in an industry that’s constantly evolving and changing with consumer behavior trends such as social media use and online shopping habits. Let’s dive right into it!

Understanding the impact of THC and other cannabinoids on product appeal.

The main psychoactive component of cannabis is THC, which makes you feel relaxed and happy. It can also make you feel hungry, so cannabis users will often eat more than they normally would before or after smoking.

THC can help with pain and inflammation by blocking the body’s natural production of endocannabinoids (molecules that bind to cannabinoid receptors). This results in a decrease in your perception of pain signals from nerves along with an increase in appetite leading to weight gain as long as there’s no other reason for it like depression or anxiety disorder which aren’t related directly but indirectly through increased appetite due to higher levels of stress hormones such as cortisol (also known as glucocorticoids).

What is the difference between THC and CBD?

CBD, known as cannabidiol, is the second most common cannabinoid found in marijuana. It has many medical benefits and is legal in all 50 states. THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is another major compound that contributes to the high which is experienced when using cannabis. THC can be intoxicating — which may not be the desired effect for someone who wants to use cannabis for medical purposes only.

While both compounds act as cannabinoids on receptors throughout your body and brain, they also have different effects on each person’s body chemistry when consumed orally or smoked through joints or bongs. For example:

  • When eaten orally it takes longer for effects to kick in than when smoked; however, there are some who report feeling more relaxed after eating because of their slow absorption rate into their systems.*

How do you test for THC?

There are several ways to test for THC. One is the GemmaCert device, which uses an optical spectrometer to measure the amount of light emitted from your product and then calculates its concentration based on that measurement. This can be done in 5 minutes or less, making it a great option if you need to measure out specific amounts of cannabis or hemp products quickly, such as when selling at a festival or event.

The other method involves using gas chromatography (GC) technology with mass spectrometry (MS), which takes longer but provides more detailed information about what’s happening inside your product.

Potency testing may seem complicated, but it is much simpler than most make it seem. While some potency testing methods, mainly those used by laboratories, deliver total cannabinoid results, they do not provide immediate results. But not all cannabis testing has to be done through a lab, internal quality control can also run their own potency testing by using a GemmaCert device, which does provide immediate results, and more than a THC test kit, is an in-house laboratory the size of a small coffee machine.

Unlike other systems that require alcohol or test strips, the GemmaCert is a data and AI-powered system using cutting-edge technology to determine the presence and quantity of THC levels in cannabis and hemp samples. Accurate test results can be expected in 5 minutes or less, unlike other systems, these test results do not require the destruction of the sample to obtain results.

Using marketing to sell product appeal.

The first step in marketing for cannabis is understanding your customer. You need to understand what they want, how much they are willing to pay for it, and how far out-of-the-box you can go with your product appeal.

There’s a lot of information available on the web about packaging design, but we don’t recommend using any resources that focus solely on this aspect alone because there are so many other things involved in selling anything besides just branding (e.g., pricing). It’s also important not only because this could impact sales negatively but also because most people won’t think about these things until after they’ve already bought their product!

If you want to sell weed, you need to understand the chemistry of your product.

If you want to sell weed, you need to understand the chemistry of your product.

  • Cannabis flowers are highly perishable and susceptible to moisture damage. The shelf life of cannabis products can be affected by a variety of factors including temperature and humidity levels in storage facilities; exposure to light; processing methods (such as drying and curing); and even how they’re packed or stored on shelves at retail locations.
  • Understanding how these factors affect product quality will help you manage your supply chain better and optimize profits—and that’s just one way in which understanding this science will help you succeed as an entrepreneur!


We’ve found that understanding the science behind cannabis is a powerful tool in the hands of branding and packaging professionals. Understanding how cannabinoids and terpenes interact with the environment a product is stored in is of prime importance to deliver the most optimal experience to consumers and patients down the line. With today’s technology, you can make sure to deliver such an experience without having to wait days on results, or blindly trust value chain participants to have perfect quality controls. Ready to start with your own THC tester and moisture meter for cannabis? Get in touch with GemmaCert today!


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