The Power of Potency


Why is potency important?

Just as anything you would reach for in your local supermarket or pharmacy has a nutrition label and ingredient information displaying the contents contained in the product, the rise in cannabis popularity has brought with it the demand for the same accuracy and transparency tied to other consumables. As the old saying goes, our bodies are our temples; so why worship at the feet of the unknown?

The minimal industry standards that are currently in place frequently consist of unreliable labeling and inconsistent testing protocols, underlying issues in the indisputable need to create standardization around the newly emerging global market.

For those turning to cannabis for medicinal reasons, the ability to obtain information for proper dosing and educated consumption is a major hurdle in relying on cannabis as a consistent and accurate medication.

As states and countries around the world rapidly legalize cannabis, all those along the cannabis supply and consumer chain are left to grapple with creating and implementing proper testing protocols for the good of quality assurance.

What can be mislabeled about cannabis?

Cannabis is a varied and complex plant. So much so that scientists and researchers are still discovering just how complex the plant really is and the immense powers it holds. But as understanding of the plant grows, so does our ability to properly harness its powers in educated and insightful ways for maximin benefit.

One of the most common causes of mislabelling is the inaccuracy of the products THC count. This can come in the form of ‘under-labeling‘ (understating the amount of THC contained in the product) or ‘over-labeling’ (overstating the amount of THC contained). Wherever the mislabelling falls, the desired result will not be produced for the user potentially causing negative side effects, or simply not being effective.

Because the current industry standard for potency analyses entails outsourced lab testing, great expense, and a lack of speed, the downfalls of the current ‘gold standard’ have lead researches to newer, more accessible ways of cannabis quality assurance.

GemmaCert is an in-house solution for cannabis potency testing, filling the cannabis potency vacuum. With it’s sleek and portable design, it’s ease of everyday use, and the ability to be operated by everyone on staff, GemmaCert is leading the potency revolution, changing the industry one flower at a time.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]2020-09-10 06:48:32Itayganot

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