Embrace certainty with GemmaCert – the innovative solution that delivers reliable, real-time cannabis composition and potency readings without harming your flowers' efficacy or value.

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3 Steps to Total Certainty with GemmaCert


Connect to the GemmaCert app


Insert your sample (bud, trim or extract)


View total CBD & THC results in moments

How It Works

GemmaCert takes the guesswork out of cannabis potency – now you know exactly what you’re growing, buying, or selling.

GemmaCert combines 3 state-of-the-art technologies – spectrometry, image analysis, and machine learning – to bring you rapid, reliable, real-time results.

No special skills or training are required. All you need are the patented GemmaCert device and our user-friendly secure app to benefit from reliable composition and potency readings in moments.

Best of all, GemmaCert is completely non-destructive, meaning you can test any flower or product you want: all the certainty, none of the downsides.

Innovative Technology

The GemmaCert® proprietary patent-pending device collects spectral data from cannabis specimens, and is CE, RoHS and UL-certified. The data is analyzed on the GemmaCert secure cloud server, and, in less than a minute, reliable composition and potency readings are transmitted to the user’s smartphone. The analysis is enabled through a combination of several different technologies, including image analysis, data analytics, and spectrometry− an FDA-endorsed technology.

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