GemmaCert uses innovative technology to ensure you always receive the best service possible.

To make servicing faster and more effective, every GemmaCert has sensors which actively monitor important components such as spectrometer performance.

When you contact GemmaCert Service, this information is readily available to the GemmaCert Expert assigned to assist you, so that Remote Support is scheduled to meet your precise needs, at a time most suited to you.

Every GemmaCert Expert receives ongoing training, so they are always on top of the latest technology in your device.


GemmaCert Remote Support

  • GemmaCert Remote Support – easy access to Expert help.
  • Available for all GemmaCert devices.
  • All you need is an internet connection.



  • Benefit from our years of experience.
  • We offer basic and advanced training on GemmaCert devices.
  • You benefit from training which ensures optimal use of GemmaCert to fit your needs.
  • Ensure proper installation and operation of your new GemmaCert devices.



  • Access Expert advice to make the right decision.
  • GemmaCert Experts are available to address any issue that may arise during your GemmaCert devices lifetime – from the decision-making process for a new unit to optimal device operation.
  • GemmaCert Experts can advise on the analysis of cannabis and hemp.



  • On rare occasions, an issue is discovered in a GemmaCert device. If we feel this will have a significant effect on your device performance and we cannot address remotely, we issue a recall.

From the Press

February 5, 2019

Cannabis Professional Magazine | Febuary 2019

Israeli cannabis analysis technology developer GemmaCert has announced the completion of a $2.25 Million Series A-1 round led by NEO Ventures, Stony Hill, and Arba Finance, combined with additional seed funding from Aggrinovation. This brings the Tel Aviv-based company’s total funding to […]

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