How to Find a Cannabis Testing Facility: A Comprehensive List of Accredited Third-Party Testing Labs (2022)

After performing in-house testing, you must send your cannabis to an accredited third-party testing facility.

Find your cannabis testing lab here.

You’ve tested your flower in-house using GemmaCert, and the results are excellent; your products are safe, effective, predictable, and compliant.

But there’s still another step before you can bring your product to market: you must send your sample and in-house results or certificate of analysis (COA) to an accredited third-party testing facility.

If you’re new to the cannabis industry, you might wonder, where can I get my cannabis tested?”

First, you’ll need to verify the licensing body (State) where you can test your product. Once you’ve established this, you can then choose a lab that’s right for you.

We’ve pulled together a list of accredited cannabis testing facilities and DEA registered hemp/CBD testing labs to help you take that next step towards compliance. If you’re an accredited cannabis testing laboratory and would like us to include your lab in this directory, please contact us at here

The United States Testing Labs


Medicinal Genomics


C4 Laboratories

CannaSafe Analytics, LLC

GAAS Analytical (Hemp testing)


DB Science, LLC (Hemp testing)


Alkemist Pharmaceuticals, DBA Alkemist Labs (Hemp testing)

Anresco Laboratories

Biopharmaceutical Research Company (Hemp testing)

Brightside Scientific Inc


Cal Canna Labs


CannaSafe Analytics, LLC

Coastal Analytical

CW Analytical Laboratories

Drug Detection Laboratory (Hemp testing)


Excelsior Analytical Laboratory

Harrens Lab Inc.


Pure Analytics

SC Laboratories, Inc.

S&N Labs (Hemp testing)

Steep Hill Halent Lab


VRX Labs


Agricor Labs

AgriScience Labs

Aurum Labs

CannaSafe Analytics, LLC


Gobi Labs

The Good Lab

GreenHill Labs

Industrial Laboratories (Hemp testing)

Nordic Analytical Laboratories

PhytaTech CO LLC

Rocky Mountain Instrumental Laboratories, Inc. (Hemp testing)

Steep Hill Halent of Colorado


AccuScience Laboratories (Hemp testing)

ACS Laboratory

Americanna Laboratories

Atlas Analytical Inc.

Canaveral Laboratories LLC

Kaycha Labs

Product Development Partners LLC (Hemp testing)


Purisys (Hemp testing)

SJ Labs and Analytics, LLC (Hemp testing)

Waters Agricultural Labortories, Inc. (Hemp testing)


Medicinal Genomics


CannaSafe Analytics, LLC

The Spott


Agrozen Life Sciences DBA: Agrozen Labs (Hemp testing)


Kansas State University – Olathe (Hemp testing)


CannaBusiness Laboratories (Hemp testing)

KCA Laboratories (Hemp testing)

Universal Diagnostics, LLC (Hemp testing)


Medicinal Genomics

ProVerde Labs

Think20 Labs, LLC (Hemp testing)


Quales, LLC


CannaSafe Analytics, LLC

MCR Labs

Medicinal Genomics

ProVerde Labs


Impact Analytical (Hemp testing

Iron Labs LLC

Medicinal Genomics

Michigan Department of Agriculture & Rural Development’s William C. Geagley Laboratory (Hemp testing)

NSF International (Hemp testing)

The Spott


ChRi Laboratories (Hemp testing)

Legend Technical Services, Inc.


ElSohly Laboratories, Inc (Hemp testing)

Mississippi State Chemical Laboratory (Hemp testing)


MRIGlobal (Hemp testing)




Canalysis Analytical Testing Laboratories

CannaSafe Analytics, LLC

DB Labs, LLC

Digipath Labs

G3 Labs LLC

Medicinal Genomics

New Jersey

G3 Labs LLC

Medicinal Genomics

Trichrome Analytical (Hemp testing)

New York

Biotrax Testing Laboratory, Inc (Hemp testing)

Kaycha Labs

Talon Analytical

North Carolina

Avazyme, Inc. (Hemp testing)

Delta 9 Analytical (Hemp testing)

Global Laboratory Services (Hemp testing)

Research Triangle Park Laboratories (Hemp testing)

North Dakota

Legend Technical Services, Inc.


Eurofins QTA, Inc. (Hemp testing)

North Coast Analytical Laboratory


Abraxas Labs

Green Country Testing, Inc.

Kaycha Labs

PureLabs OKC


CannaSafe Analytics, LLC



Green Leaf Lab

Harrens Lab Inc.

Lightscale Labs

Rose City Laboratories

Sunrise Analytical Labs

Rhode Island

Medicinal Genomics

ProVerde Labs

South Carolina

Clearwater Biotech, LLC (Hemp testing)

Custom Analytics (Hemp testing)


Kaycha Labs

New Bloom Labs (Hemp testing)


Analytical Food Laboratories, Inc. (Hemp testing)

Armstrong Forensic Laboratory, Inc. (Hemp testing)

CannaBroker LTD

Quality Forensic Toxicology (Hemp testing)

ZOSI Analytical


Analytical Resource Laboratories (Hemp testing)

Nelson Labs, LLC (Hemp testing)


Medicinal Genomics

Terramor Technologies (Hemp testing)


Sativa Testing Laboratories, LLC. (Hemp testing)


Analytical 360


CannaSafe Analytics, LLC

Kaycha Labs


Accelerated Analytical Labs, Inc. (Hemp testing)

Accelerated Cannabis Laboratories (Hemp testing)

Eurofins Food Testing Chemistry Madison, Inc. (Hemp testing)

Legend Technical Services, Inc.

Outside of the United States Testing Labs

List of CBD Testing Labs in Europe

Labs in Canada authorized to conduct testing under the Cannabis Act

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why are third-party testing labs necessary?

Testing isn’t just about knowing what’s happening with your plants. You also may need to have an independent third party test your products if you intend to sell them in a medical or recreational cannabis market. Plus, CBD consumers look for third-party tests when they select products. Third-party testing puts the finishing touches on an all-encompassing cannabis analytics regimen that starts at the seed stage.

2. How do I find cannabis testing labs in California?

Luckily for cannabinoid entrepreneurs in the Golden State, third-party testing companies for cannabis are abundant throughout California. Producers in California’s medical and recreational cannabis markets must submit their products to third-party testing before distribution, creating a government mandate for cannabis analytical testing labs to operatea in the state. Due to the intense competition, California cannabis labs generally provide high-quality results.

3. How to start a cannabis testing lab?

Starting a marijuana testing facility will look different depending on the state where you set up shop and the products you intend to test. Each state has different rules for handling and testing cannabis products, and rules also vary significantly for hemp and THC testing labs. Consult with your state’s relevant regulatory authorities to learn the specifics regarding starting a cannabis testing lab.

4. How do I find cannabis testing labs in Canada?

The Canadian government has set strict requirements for companies that want to be certified as cannabis testing labs. Canadian cannabis operators seeking testing for their products are advised to contact the government’s cannabis authority. See our link above for a full list of state-certified cannabis testing labs in Canada.

5. What should I look for in a cannabis testing facility?

The best cannabis testing lab will offer detailed, accurate results for fair prices. When it comes to cannabis testing, though, accuracy is more important than economy. Don’t be tempted to take or offer deals in exchange for fudged numbers. Nepotism is rampant in the third-party cannabis testing industry, so don’t be afraid to put an analytics company on the line to see if it will stay true to its integrity.

6. Are cannabis and hemp CBD lab testing facilities the same?

From a technological perspective, cannabis and hemp lab testing facilities are virtually indistinguishable. From a regulatory perspective, however, cannabis testing labs often have to go through a lot more hoops than their hemp counterparts. Cannabis analytics facilities must receive additional certifications to handle THC-rich cannabis while CBD lab testing facilities often fly under the radar.

7. How do I find cannabis labs in Colorado?

As the epicenter of the American cannabis revolution, Colorado is home to dozens of different reputable cannabis labs. Some Centennial State cannabis labs test all cannabinoid products, others only test CBD. Scroll up for a full list of recommended third-party cannabis labs in Colorado, and don’t be afraid to shop around as you find the right fit for your testing needs.

8. What is the best Florida hemp test laboratory?

If you’re on the hunt for a Florida hemp analysis laboratory, we have a full list of recommended cannabis labs in the Sunshine State further up this page. With the Florida hemp industry booming, third-party analytics services are in hot demand, and the THC side of the Florida cannabis industry is rapidly getting up to speed as well.

9. How do I find cannabis testing labs near me?

Consult a full list of third-party cannabis labs in the United States and overseas by scrolling to the top of this page. Overall, the best way to find a reliable cannabis lab near your location is to assemble a list of prospective options and call each facility. Compare pricing and customer service, and make sure to choose a company that has the integrity to offer reliable results.

10. How do I choose a third-party CBD testing lab?

CBD lab testing is a little bit different from THC lab testing since you can send CBD hemp samples anywhere in the country. As a result, your options are vastly increased when it comes to potential testing labs. In this process, online customer reviews will be your friend, and you may simply want to go with a local lab where you can drop a sample off in person.

11. Are there marijuana testing labs in Massachusetts?

Yes, there are a handful of accredited cannabis testing labs to choose from in the New England state of Massachusetts. This state is one of a growing number that now allow recreational cannabis production and sales, creating an enduring need for a competitive cannabis testing economy. Scroll up to view our list of recommended third-party cannabis labs in Massachusetts.

12. How do you arrange cannabis lab testing in Oklahoma?

The Oklahoma government maintains an up-to-date list of licensed cannabis laboratories currently in operation in the state. Producers in Oklahoma’s medical cannabis program can contact any of these accredited testing facilities to arrange analytics services for their products. Scroll up to view our list of recommended cannabis testing labs in Oklahoma.

13. How much does CBD testing cost?

Third-party CBD product testing generally costs around $50 – $100 per sample. Testing companies often offer discounts when multiple samples are tested at once—a $100 testing charge, for instance, may go down to $75 when five or more samples are tested and down further to $50 per sample for 10 samples or more. You may also pay a slight premium for working with CBD testing labs that have a reputation for excellence.

14. What are the best hemp testing labs in Tennessee?

Tennessee is home to a handful of reputable cannabis and hemp testing labs. The two Tennessee cannabis testing labs that we would recommend are Kaycha Labs and New Bloom Labs. Out of the two, New Bloom Labs focuses specifically on hemp testing while Kaycha tests both hemp and cannabis. Scroll up for links to the homepages for both facilities.

15. What are DEA hemp testing labs?

Most hemp and cannabis testing labs are certified by the DEA since they test for the presence of an illicit substance: THC. The presence of THC is the main variable both hemp and cannabis labs are testing for, so receiving certification from the federal government’s drug authority is a prerequisite for analytics labs that want to provide the type of data both CBD and THC producers need.

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