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Breeders & Growers

Cultivating quality crops and maximizing ROI are the two main considerations for cannabis growers, and both are influenced by the same key factor: potency. Potency drives pricing and efficacy, but actually determining potency presents a unique challenge. The non-homogeneity of cannabinoids within each plant, between strains, and even within a single sample, is a real stumbling block.

Extract Producers & Manufacturers

The variable potency of cannabis is well-documented. Potency varies between crops, as well as between individual buds from the same plant. It also tends to decrease as plant material ages. In short, the relevance of any single tested sample to an entire batch must be viewed with some doubt and skepticism.

Pharmacies & Clinics

It’s often said that there’s nothing more consistent than inconsistency when it comes to cannabis potency. In many cases, untested or improperly analyzed flowers and products make it all the way to the end consumer, resulting in anything from disappointment to serious health concerns.

Dispensaries & Coffee Shops

Cannabis consumers are becoming smarter and better informed by the day. They demand value for money, labeling they can trust, and – most importantly – a high quality experience that consistently meets (or surpasses) their expectations.