Port Coquitlam,
British Columbia, Canada

Interview with Ryan Douglas Port

At RosinUnity we collect data. Rosin Data. In our software we have a feature where you can input your THC & CBD levels. To test every strain we press, that we collect data on, would cost thousands. GemmaCert has definitely saved us some money! We had been searching for a machine that is Professional & Portable. A machine that was under 10K too. This machine checked in!

We use this machine to test the levels of all the flower before we press it and collect Rosin Data. It’s helping us understand that if a strain is testing at 17-22% THC it’s yielding around 17-22% in Rosin production. It’s definitely awesome to test our own legal medical Cannabis we grow too! Makes it very convenient to test.

I love that you can get a very accurate test without damaging any of your flower. The GemmaCert also tests pretty fast. In minutes! You can also printout any test and certify it! A Super Cool feature & looks very professional. Very convenient and has been a definite money saver. The device is also small and compact and very easy to take your testing on the road! Great investment!

I would recommend the GemmaCert device to any grower who is growing several strains. To have the convenience to test all the strains saves a lot of money in the long run. To any dispensary that is allowed to do their own testing too.
And if your someone who just loves to geek out on weed and collecting data, The GemmaCert is perfect for you! The testing never gets old.