GemmaCert invites medical practitioners and scientists worldwide to collaborate with it in the much-needed effort to advance the study into the correlation between medical cannabis composition and efficacy.

A new initiative was announced in Canada to study the efficacy of medical cannabis for specific conditions and help physicians prescribe it at the right dose, for the right patient. This is very good news. Doctors seek scientific evidence rather than anecdotal testimonials. Patients want better quality of life; here and now.

Cannabis is a natural product with hundreds of active ingredients. No two flowers are the same. A patient even when using the same strain and the same amount of medicinal cannabis can receive different amounts of the active compound for treatment, up to double dose. Furthermore, a patient may react differently to two flowers from the same strain with an identical THC:CBD ratio.

The efficacy of medical cannabis is not as simple as the THC:CBD ratio. It will take years, if not decades, of dedicated and costly scientific research to decipher the therapeutic potential of the active compounds in cannabis and how their interaction impacts efficacy for specific health conditions. Yet, a promising diagnostic technology to facilitate the personalization of cannabis treatment already exists today.

GemmaCert Ltd. (est. in 2015 in collaboration with the Hebrew University of Jerusalem) has a patented desktop analytical device for estimating medical cannabis potency and capturing unique composition data (spectral fingerprints) by means of Near Infrared Spectroscopy, Image Analysis and Machine Learning. The spectral fingerprint can help identify a correlation with treatment efficacy for specific health conditions.

As a result, GemmaCert shall commence a pilot trial with the Tel Aviv Medical Center (TMC) to seek such a correlation between cannabis composition and chronic pain efficacy treatment involving 100 patients over 12 months. A correlation between the two may facilitate the personalization of treatment, shortening the adjustment period to cannabis treatment for pain, decreasing exposure to addictive opioids, lowering healthcare costs, and improving patient quality of life.

GemmaCert invites medical practitioners and scientists worldwide to join the much-needed effort to advance the study into the correlation between medical cannabis composition and efficacy. To the interested and committed parties, GemmaCert can provide devices for data collection, user training, service and support, and provision of a dedicated smartphone application for patient feedback collection before and after medical cannabis use. Success will improve patient treatment and the formulation of effective protocols and standards for medical cannabis treatment.

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