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GemmaCert Lite Package


  • Potency Analysis Coverage THC & CBD
  • Regulatory Compliance CE,RoHC,relevantEC/IEC standards,European Pharmacopeia(Section2.2.40)
  • Suitability Dry Flower Buds
  • Minimim Detection Limit (THC) 1.0%
  • Monthly Subscription Fee FREE -Limited Feature Updates
  • Sample Holders Included Flower Pin
  • Protective Case Not Included
  • Worldwide Shipping $99
GemmaCert Pro Package


  • Potency Analysis Coverage THC, CBG, CBD, Water Activity (aw)
  • Regulatory Compliance CE,RoHC,relevantEC/IEC standards,European Pharmacopeia(Section2.2.40)
  • Suitability DryFlowerBuds/Biomass–Trim / CrudeExtract(EthanolExtraction)
  • Minimim Detection Limit (THC) 0.2%
  • Monthly Subscription Fee FREE
  • Sample Holders Included Flower Pin+Trim Holder +Extract Holder
  • Protective Case Included
  • Worldwide Shipping $150

GemmaCert takes the guesswork out of hemp and cannabis potency and composition, so you know what you’re breeding, growing, buying, selling, or consuming.


We pride ourselves on the precision of GemmaCert devices. That’s why we subject each unit to a series of rigorous tests before shipment to guarantee its performance in the real world.

All GemmaCert devices are:

  • CE and ROHS compliant
  • TÜV Rheinland certified
  • Adhere to European Pharmacopeia requirements for Near-Infrared Spectroscopy
  • Validated by a certified lab to meet all applicable IEC/EN standards
GemmaCert Pro

GemmaCert Pro & Essential

This high-precision diagnostic tool is critical for ensuring that your product is compliant, consistent, safe, effective, and predictable.

With GemmaCert Pro & Essential, you can:

  • Test samples in-house before beginning the formal testing process
  • Test materials including dry flowers buds, trim, and crude extract
  • Test for total THC levels as low as 0.2%
  • Test both cannabis and hemp materials
  • Use water activity analysis to predict mold growth
  • Produce professional Certificates of Analysis
  • Identify optimal harvest time
  • Improve profit predictability
  • Ensure the quality and consistency of your product
  • Boost customer confidence and brand loyalty

GemmaCert Lite

A game-changing solution for micro-cultivators, craft cannabis producers, and home growers alike, this streamlined tool allows you to test like a pro.

With GemmaCert Lite, you can:

  • Test for total THC as low as 1.0%
  • Test both cannabis and hemp materials
  • Test dry flower buds
  • Avoid the need for expensive laboratory tests
  • Save time and money on potency testing
  • Perform quality control on the products you consume
GemmaCert Lite