Which one Is better Quality or Quantity When Testing Your Plants?

Which one Is better Quality or Quantity When Testing Your Plants?

Analyzing The Pros & Cons Between Quality and Quantity

When growing yields of plants from in house growing to outdoor growing or just a bit of both an important factor to note is quality and quantity. These two often don’t come hand in hand as they are both trailing on either growing a small batch of plants for a healthy quality plant or voluminous quantities for a lower quality plant. Some dispensaries rely on the fast yield growth in large quantities while for others it’s more important to ensure quality is in the plants for overall health. Testing these two will help identify which ones are best when running operations smoothly.



This is a very important factor to consider when running operations on a day to day basis. Dispensaries and growers will need to test plants from their nutrients, potency, mold or mildew, pesticides and herbicides, type of strain, aromatic smell, and trichome content. In addition, testing plants under these conditions will give a higher quality of cannabis strains.  When these high quality cannabis strains are given to patients, they can be assured they won’t be smoking any unwanted pesticides.



There’s a few debates on whether quantity is less suitable than quality, because when it comes to testing the plants, quantity tends to fail. Midwest Compassion Center, dispensary owner quotes, “What’s the likelihood of every single product is of high quality?” It’s a gamble when growing hundreds of different strains or the same strain, because there’s a chance others may not test all their plants for the best quality possible.


Cannabi-Tech has developed a testing machine that seems to meet all qualifications. The equipment utilizes advanced optics and imaging analysis to overcome the immense challenges posed by the heterogenous cannabis flower. The analytical machine comes with an integrated cloud database. There are also plans to make the technology available with automated sorting, packaging, labeling, traceable packaging, mobile apps, and more.


All in all, whether it’s better to grow quality plants or to grow large quantities of plants, it’s best to test both and see where they both will benefit in operation process.