In-House Testing Benefits

In-House Testing Benefits

Testing should happen at multiple points from seed to sale in the cannabis manufacturing process. Unfortunately, not every operation can afford to send their product out for third party testing in a fully equipped testing lab facility. Most cannabis testing is done by experienced chemists in labs stacked with expensive machines. Luckily, there is newer technology that is very easy to use, does not require any sample preparation, does not destroy the sample tested and allows growers and dispensary managers to take a hands-on approach to quality control with accuracy levels similar to those achieved by the best professional labs.


Every grower has a tried and true method in their cultivation. But it can also be said that anyone growing cannabis is always looking to grow bigger, more potent buds. With the pursuit of being better in mind, a cannabis grower could maximize their output and quality using regular in-house testing. Imagine being able to test a bud throughout the growing process. A cultivation could even grow three plants in separate rooms using differing methods and then test their potency against each other. This type of technological capability can take a basic cultivation operation to the next level.


Not all dispensaries are vertically integrated with a grow operation. Because of this, a lot of cannabis pharmacies and dispensaries have to buy wholesale flowers to sell at their establishments. These buyers have to trust the test results provided by the third party whether they’re familiar with the laboratory who provide the results or not. While we want to trust everyone, it’d be nice to verify test results that we’re given along wholesale bud. This can also be relevant for manufacturers buying product for edibles, tinctures, other ingestibles, and even wax. An in-house testing unit will provide peace of mind and real quality control to the dispensary buyer.

There are definitely ways that in-house testing can be used on the journey from seed to sale aside from these two. But these are the most obvious uses for a machine with these capabilities. The ability to take a product and test it immediately without degrading it is amazing, and technology is getting to the point where this is a reality. The products provided to patients will only get better with the promise of innovative technology like in-house testing.