Ways You Can Improve On Your Cultivation Practices

Reviewing Your Cultivation Skills To Maximize The Best Results


In the cannabis industry, growing is constant whether that’s in house growing or outside growing. There will always be growth in the industry which means great news for cannabis businesses. While we’re on the subject of growing, it’s especially important to make cultivation operations run smoothly by diving into best practices.


Focus On Quality

It’s important to gather all the data about the growth process of your plants to make sure you produce high quality products. Patients walking into the dispensary will feel safe knowing the exact flower they chose will help them. Quality means testing the nutrients, potency, residual solvents, pesticides and herbicides.


Look For More Efficient Technology

Another important element in crafting your plants for the best results is ensuring you maximize your quality of growth by utilizing efficient technology. Technology is rapidly increasing the more individuals create efficient ways to cultivate cannabis plants. That’s why in house testing technology has come into existence. If you’re not testing your plants then you’re not analyzing the data to give you top notch results. Testing equipment such as Cannabi-Tech’s newest technology allows for better testing tools. They have developed the world’s first truly non-destructive and non-invasive analytical cannabis testing device. This proprietary technology provides precise potency readings of cannabis flowers. No solvents or grinding are required, the eco-friendly device can test potency with absolutely no sample preparation. Flowers will remain completely intact after analysis unlike most testing methods. This testing device is easy-to-use and results are almost instantaneous. This allows for real-time on-site decision-making.


Incorporating The Fundamental Principles Of Integrated Pest Management.

Lastly, it’s important to have a plan for integrated pest management to make sure the cannabis plants are clean and properly grown. Cannabis Business Times strongly encourages this as a preventive measure that identifies, manages, and eliminates pests. The benefits of doing so outweigh the cons, because it increases quality, diminishes crop loss, and gives the best growing results.


Overall, knowing the best ways to cultivate your plants will help your business bring the best quality to the world one patient at a time.


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