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GemmaCert®– Be Certain.

• Insert: Insert dried or ground flower bud, or cannabis extract.

• Scan: Optical sensors scan each specimen.

• Capture: The unique spectra of the sample is captured.

• Analyze: Total THC and total CBD levels are displayed on your smartphone.

• Remove: Remove the sample which remains completely unchanged.

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“How do I know that the cannabis I sometimes buy from the growers at a premium is really worth the premium? I have no means to validate the potency of the cannabis.”

Dispensary Manager, California

How it works

The GemmaCert® proprietary patent-pending device collects spectral data from cannabis specimens, and is CE, RoHS and UL-certified. The data is analyzed on the GemmaCert secure cloud server, and, in less than a minute, reliable composition and potency readings are transmitted to the user’s smartphone. The analysis is enabled through a combination of several different technologies, including image analysis, data analytics, and spectrometry− an FDA-endorsed technology.

Complex plant

The diversity and complexity of the cannabis plant make it very difficult to measure potency levels and chemical composition. There are nearly 800 different known cannabis strains worldwide, and no two cannabis flowers are identical. In addition, the plant’s composition is complex, and could contain over 400 chemical compounds of which more than 60 are cannabinoids, some with opposing effects. The largest concentrations of THC and CBD are located in the trichomes which are tiny crystals on the bud’s surface.

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Batch sampling is ineffective

Traditionally, in order to detect potency levels, sample flowers are tested, and the results are applied for characterizing an entire batch of flowers. This is a time-consuming, costly method that destroys the flower in the process. Moreover, it is ineffective due to the heterogeneous nature of the cannabis flowers, and consequently, cannabis products are sold on the market with labels that contain misleading information.

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Misleading labeling

Inaccurate labelling poses a problem for users, particularly for patients and their doctors, who− in order to ensure consistent treatment−need to track the optimal composition and potency for specific health conditions.

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Reliable solutions

GemmaCert® has taken the ‘silver bullet’ approach that cuts through this complexity, and offers an immediate, effective solution. Our easy-to-operate device enables you to screen large amounts of the product in a minimal amount of time without destroying the flowers.

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