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Start GemmaCerting

Early Bird campaign is now live!

US$ 250 down-payment to secure the Early Adopter deal.

Shipment starting June.
The remainder US$ 2,250 to be paid when shipment is confirmed.
Full money back guarantee on the down-payment until shipment is ready.
First 3 months testing is free.
Unlimited testing after the first 3 months for just US$ 59/month.
First year free full warranty.

GemmaCert Features

Purpose:Cannabis potency analysis

Cannabinoids analyzed:Total THC and Total CBD.
 Analysis of additional cannabinoids with upcoming software updates, including for example: CBG, CBC, CBN and Δ8 THC.

Tested Products:Whole dry flower buds, ground flower buds, cannabis oil

Technology:NIR Spectroscopy, Image Analysis and Data Analytics

Components:Camera, Illumination, Spectrometer, Motion System, control and Communications Module

User Experience:Analysis time between 30 to 60 seconds
 No Sample preparation
 No Residuals
 No Disposables
 Non Destructive

User interface:Smartphone or Tablet (Android or iOS)

Accessories:Glass Petri dish for ground cannabis
 Glass cuvette for cannabis oil

Portability:Portable desktop tool

Connectivity:Bluetooth; USB optional

Power source:5 vdc 2.0A (standard smartphone supply)
 Operational in less than 10 seconds

Dimensions:Height 185mm (7.28 inches)
 Bottom Diameter –  167mm (6.57 inches)
 Top Diameter – 143mm (5.63 inches)
 Weight – 1650gr / 58.20 ounces


GemmaCert anticipates shipment to customers during the second half of 2018.
We will provide regular updates regarding the status of production and shipment schedule.
Every GemmaCert device will be thoroughly tested before shipment.
Complete refund of deposit available until shipment is confirmed.
Contact Us at if you have any questions.