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GemmaCert- Be Certain.

  • Discover what’s inside your cannabis.

  • Reliable analysis without destroying the flowers.

  • A smart economical solution for quick potency analysis.

  • Advancing standardized cannabis.

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What Is GemmaCert?

GemmaCert has developed an innovative solution that analyzes cannabis and provides reliable composition and potency readings, without harming the flowers or altering their efficacy and commercial value.

Growers, dispensaries, labs and home users can use our device to test an unlimited amount of flowers, which spares them the time and costs involved in batch sampling and lab testing.

Our one-of-its-kind device combines 3 technologies: spectrometry, image analysis and data analytics, to provide a real-time, reliable solution for measuring cannabis composition and potency. Results are delivered directly to a proprietary secure app on your smartphone.

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