Curious about Cannabis Microdosing?

Curious about Cannabis Microdosing?

– The ample benefits of THC without the psychoactive effects-

Perhaps when the expression ‘slow and steady wins the race’ was first uttered, it was actually referring to microdosing.

Although cannabis culture is spreading far and wide, there remains an absence of reliable and accurate dosage methods for those who approach their cannabis with a conscious purpose. For this reason, many medicinal cannabis users have been turning to microdosing as their source of accurate and precise medicating. Described by many as ‘gaining the benefits without the buzz’ microdosing has been slowly but surely gaining popular momentum in the last few years.

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Especially popular in the medical cannabis community, microdosing is hailed for its controlled method of usage.

Microdosing is what people refer to as taking small, controlled amounts of cannabis in order to enjoy the benefits of THC without the psychoactive effects.

Microdosing 101

Because microdosing provides many of the benefits of THC without an obvious ‘high’, many are incorporating microdosing into their daily routines, just like you would any other vitamin or pill.

“It can be used daily for its relaxing, anti-inflammatory properties without fear of excessive psychoactivity interfering with your focus or work” says Christie Strong, Marketing Communications Manager for Petra “In this way cannabis becomes more like an herbal supplement.”

Microdosing helps conquer the same symptoms people use THC to alleviate including depression, chronic pain, nausea, insomnia, and even anxiety. Although folks are generally surprised that THC can help anxiety, it certainly can! It is generally not the actual THC that causes anxiety, but rather ingesting too much of it. However, in lower doses, it can greatly help those who suffer from anxiety.

What is the Ideal Microdose?

While there is no exact science to how many milligrams a microdose should consist of, the wisdom of the crowd generally takes on the ‘starting low and going slow’ approach when it comes to microdosing.

“Microdosing is something that is very personal,” says neuroscientist Michelle Ross. “There is no magic bullet for all patients; it is different for each one. So keep experimenting until you find the dose that works for you.”

Because everyone’s THC threshold without feeling the psychedelic effects varies greatly, one of the most important parts of microdosing is finding the dose that is right for you. Microdosing allows patients to experiment with not only their doses but with different cannabis strains as well. Some might find one particular strain varies quite drastically in effects from the same dose of a different strain. Experimenting with varied amounts and combinations always take some time, but you should eventually find your microdosing sweet spot.

“The goal is to use the dose that gives the most minimal noticeable effect, you are not trying to get stoned” states osteopathic physician Dustin Sulak, who treats many of his patients using microdosing.

Although there is no optimal dose, experts suggest taking between 2.5 mg to 5 mg to begin—about every two hours. Starting with a strain that is lower in THC and higher in CBD (which has no psychoactive effect) is another recommended approach.

How to Microdose

Interested in beginning to get your microdose on?

Before beginning to experiment with microdosing, or any new cannabis therapy, you should consult a qualified physician or healthcare provider. Since figuring out the optimal dose of cannabis may involve some trial and error, it is important to be guided by a healthcare professional who has experience in the field.

Microdosing—for those who know the best things really do sometimes come in the smallest packages!


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