Cannabis Manufacturing: How To Simplify Operations and Maximize Efficiency

Cannabis Manufacturing: How To Simplify Operations and Maximize Efficiency

Anyone who has worked in the cannabis industry in the last ten years has at least spent one shift locked in a room packaging product by hand. We would be hunched over for hours weighing, packaging, labelling, etc. It lasted for what felt like days and at the end we were always left wondering how that could be a more efficient process. Well, this is no longer a necessary part of the cannabis industry.

There has been a recent influx of new and repurposed technologies and machinery in the somewhat newly legal cannabis industry. Packaging machines have crossed over from the candy and packaged food industries in an attempt to provide a solution to the problem posed above. However, these products are built for a different industry and therefore don’t provide a turnkey solution. The optimal automated sorting and packaging setup will weigh, package, label, and even test potency of cannabis flowers without ever touching them.

This innovative technology sounds like magic because there’s currently only one machine in the world which can be integrated into an automated sorting and packaging line to enable all of these actions in a mass production setup. Creating this technology took immense knowledge and resources in physics, chemistry, and artificial intelligence. And after lots of R&D work, one company will do it. We combine advanced optics, imaging analysis and machine learning to provide accurate potency results quickly. Soon this proprietary technology will be able to package, label, and sort products. First, potency results can be updated to a cloud database but soon the machine will also be able to sync up with a mobile app.

Cannabi-Tech Can Simplify and Maximize in the Following Ways:

  • Quantitative Evaluation
  • Process Control
  • Boost Efficiencies with Sorting and Packaging
  • Personalize Cannabis Medicine with Labelling

The beauty of this type of product is that it can be used in many different realms of the cannabis industry. Providing this completely turnkey solution to the rigorous workload of cannabis manufacturing companies will save them time and money. Whether you own a dispensary or grow cannabis for a living; this could change the game completely.