Bored No More: The Best Strains To Get Those Creative Juices Flowing

Bored No More: The Best Strains To Get Those Creative Juices Flowing

We all have those days. Your friends are busy, your mom blew you off for a spin class, and even your dog is giving you the cold shoulder. You’re bored, and that’s ok. Rather than turning on Netflix and watching ‘Sex & the City’ reruns for the hundredth time (we get it, you’re a Carrie), why not do something, dare we say, creative.

Despite popular belief, cannabis can actually inspire great productivity. Excuse the pun, but isn’t it high time that the perception that cannabis makes you lazy be kicked to the outdated curb?

As the great Lady Gaga once said: “I have to be high to be creative.” No big deal or anything, but she’s just one of the most successful songstresses to ever hit the radio waves. A long-time favorite among artist and thinkers, intellectuals and creatives, cannabis’s mind-expanding effects can lead you down a rabbit hole of imagination so big, even Alice herself would be shocked.

For those looking for a dose of inspiration, we’re running down the list of the most creative-inducing cannabis strains.

Pink Panther

Although it won’t turn you into an English cartoon detective, it will send your energy levels soaring. A mix of about 85% Sativa and 15% Indica, you might just be able to finish that thesis paper you saved until the night before after all.

TCH level: 20-25%

Golden Pineapple

For those of you out there who are obviously very brilliant, but lack that small thing we call concertation needed to get things done, this one’s for you. With the strain containing a 50%-50% combination of Indica and Sativa, Golden Pineapple has major creative inducing effects – but is not for newbie cannabis user. Sorry, did someone say Pineapple? Yea we did, now go focus!

THC average: 25-29%


If creativity of the more inward, self-reflective kind is what you’re after, look no further than Tangie. A few tokes of this deliciously citrusy strain will leave you feeling euphoric while still able to focus. Consecutive winner of ‘Best Strain’ at the Cannabis Cup, the Sativa dominant strain’s meditative quality will leave you calmly contemplative, you know, to figure out the important things in life, like what your true purpose is, or why Mariah Carey is still considered a celeb. Hey, whatever works.

THC average: 19-22%


Want to get inspired but can’t seem to shake that bad mood? A major mood lifter, Jillybean knocks out stress and bad vibes, leaving you free to let your imagination run wild.  The citrus strain is a more social smoke, so don’t be afraid to share it with friends. Go ahead, get jilly with it.

THC average: 8%.


Although Chemdawg is one of the most powerful strains to kickstart creativity, it is not for the novice cannabis user. A strong Indica/Sativa hybrid, Chemdawg is guaranteed to get those creative juices flowing. Imagination, meet Chemdawg.

THC average: 15-20%



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