The Best Cannabis Strains for Chronic Pain Sufferers

The Best Cannabis Strains for Chronic Pain Sufferers

Ever growing in popularity, medical cannabis is quickly becoming the chosen alternative to traditional medications for treating chronic pain.

If you are one of the more than the 100,000 Americans who live with chronic pain, you know the great lengths sufferers go through to seek relief. Hovering around a $600 billion a year industry in the U.S. alone (higher than annual costs for treating heart disease, cancer, and diabetes), the pursuit of chronic pain management is a devastating reality for many in the U.S.—and throughout the world. Chronic pain sufferers are rapidly turning to medical cannabis for much-needed relief — and it’s not hard to see why.

Although marijuana’s major role in pain relief has long been acknowledged, its classification as an illegal drug in America has caused medical professionals to turn to pharmaceutical drugs as the answer for their patient’s relief.

While pharmaceuticals can, in some cases, help chronic pain sufferers, their effectiveness, and detriments, are still greatly disputed. From addiction and dependency, debilitating side effects, and tolerance build-up to insurance nightmares, pharmaceutical drugs are often ineffectual. In steps the green.

Why is cannabis effective at treating chronic pain?

With thousands of cannabis strains being cultivated, there is now evidence showing that certain strains of cannabinoids have specific effects, like pain management. Marijuana compounds, specifically TCH and CBD, have proven to have significant relief for pain sufferers.

Affecting more people than cancer, diabetes, and heart diseases, combined, chronic pain sufferers are rapidly turning to medical cannabis for relief.

Although medical cannabis can be effective in treating pain, it is important to be aware of the fact that there are indeed strain-specific recommendations for different types of ailments. As a general rule, strains with both a high CBD and THC cannabinoid count are the most effective at treating pain.

Let’s take a look at the different kinds of strains for various types of chronic pain:

Blue Widow- Hailed for its anti-inflammatory properties, Blue Widow is best for those who suffer from pain caused by arthritis (or other inflammatory-related illnesses) and neuropathy. A cross between the strains of Blueberry and White Widow, Blue Widow users will also get the benefit of both an uplifting and calming high.

THC content- Approx 12-17%

CBD content- Approx 0.3 %


ACDC-  We’re not talking about the rockin’ 70’s boy band, but rather one of the most tried and true strains for pain relief. Containing low levels of THC and higher-than-normal levels of CBD, ACDC has long been revered for its painkilling qualities. Don’t expect too much of a psychedelic effect, but do expect some major pain relief.

THC content- Approx 1- 6%

CBD content- Approx 20%

Cataract Kush- No, Cataract Kush is not a solution for your grandma’s extremely thick glasses, but rather it’s one of the most coveted strains for treating pain related to spinal trauma and injuries. A medically hybrid strain, be advised Cataract Kush is pretty strong and is not for those just beginning to dabble in medical cannabis. It is however perfect for those experienced smokers who want to evaporate spinal pain in a puff.

THC content- Approx 21%

CBD content- Approx 1%

Purple Arrow Nearby- If a heavy dose of pain relief is what you’re after, you don’t have to look too far if you have Arrow Nearby. With higher than usual averages of CBD, this strain can be used for more serious medical illnesses. While it goes to work relieving your pain, it is also known to lift its users into a state of slight euphoria. Arrow Nearby is perfect for chronic headache sufferers who want relief without getting too stoned-to-the-bone.

THC content- Approx 17-24%

CBD content-Approx 3-4%

AK-47 Don’t be scared off by this strain’s name, when it comes to pain relief, powerful might be just what you want. AK-47 is a mostly Sativa strain, so you’ll still remain alert and clear-minded but super relaxed and in good spirits. It’s also effective at treating depression and anxiety– side effects that frequently come with constant pain.

THC content- Approx 20%

CBD content-Approx 1%

Dynamite- Winner of nine Cannabis Cup Awards, Dynamite is best for those who suffer from constant cramping or pain from stomach related issues. A half Sativa half Indica hybrid, expect a nice body high which will calm and relax your muscles. Dynamite also gives users an uplifting feeling, so expect some major munchies and giggles.

THC content- Approx 14%

CBD content- Approx 1%



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